Apr 11: Tricia Helfer, Tom Thacker, and Cheese Fondue!

World Parkinson’s Awareness Day is an annual event aimed at raising awareness about Parkinson’s Disease.  Parkinson’s affects around 10 million people world wide including one million Americans and is characterized by symptoms such as tremors, stiffness, and difficulty with balance and coordination that can drastically impact normal activities of daily living.

National Eight Track Tape Day celebrates the once-revolutionary, now hilariously outdated, audio format that came standard in cars during the 1960s and 70s.

Grab your skewers and get ready to take the plunge into a bubbling cauldron of deliciousness because it’s National Cheese Fondue Day!  Today we celebrate the gooey, melty, delicious dish that brings people together. So today if somebody asks “Do you fondue?”  Say,  “Absolutely!” Then dive into a vat of molten cheesy goodness.

April 11th Celebrity Birthdays include:

Dylan Keefe was born today in 1970.  Keefe is the bass player for the 90s group Marcy Playground.  They released their self-titled debut album in 1997.  The song Sex and Candy would go to number one Billboard’s Alternative Rock chart and the song Comin’ Up from Behind was used in the Cruel Intentions movie soundtrack.

Actress Tricia Helfer was born in Alberta Canada today in 1974.  Helfer got her big break in 2003 when she was cast in a Sci-Fi channel mini series called Battlestar Galactica.  Hefler played Number Six in 74 episodes of the show and a few spin off movies.  She’s also appeared on episodes of Burn Notice, voiced The Grid in the Tron Uprising TV series, and more recently played Charlotte Richards on the FOX-turned-Netflix series Lucifer.

Tom Thacker was born today in Langly, Canada.  Thacker plays guitar and keyboards as well as sings for Sum 41.  Before Sum 41 Thacker was a founding member of the Canadian punk band called Gob.  Sum 41 is on tour now with upcoming shows in Kansas, Minnisota, and Michigan.  View Sum 41 tickets at Ticketmaster

Some Generation X Nostalgia:

1994 – Oasis released their first single called Supersonic in the UK.  The song was released several months later in the U.S. and was well received by alternative and college radio stations.  It peaked at 11 on the US Alternative chart.  Supersonic is also the name of the 2016 documentary made about the band.  If you’re interested, the movie is streaming this month on Max.

The movie Anaconda premiered in US theaters today in 1997.  The movie about the hunt for a VERY large snake starring Jennifer Lopez, Eric Stoltz, Ice Cube, and Owen Wilson.

1988 Academy Awards – Cher won an Oscar for her role in Moonstruck and David Byrne took home a statue for his work composing the soundtrack to The Last Emperor.

The horror movie Prom Night opened tonight in 2008.  Although the title is the same as the 1980 movie, they’re not the same.

In 1990, Michael Jackson and Elton John attended the funeral of Ryan White, an 18 year old hemophiliac who died of AIDS after a blood transfusion.  John played a song at the funeral and Jackson dedicated the song Gone Too Soon in White’s memory.

The comedy Anger Management starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson opened today in 2003.   Anger Management is streaming this month on Netflix and Hoopla.

On April 11th, 2000:

  • Rules of Engagement and Erin Brockovich were top two at the box office with a collective haul of over $118 million; and
  • Maria Maria by Santana was at the top of the Hot 100.