Apr 15: Samantha Fox, Luke Evans, & Glazed Ham!

Today we are celebrating Tax Day, National ASL Day, Glazed Spiral Ham Day!

If you haven’t already filed your U.S. federal taxes, you may want to make a call to an accountant friend or jump on the IRS website today to see how you can request an extension.

ASL is American Sign Language and it’s one way that deaf people use to communicate.  Through education and advocacy, National ASL Day aims to promote understanding, appreciation, and respect for ASL and the Deaf culture, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

The machine used to make spiral-cut hams was patented by a Detroiter in 1952.  By 1957 he had perfected a glaze for the thin slices of ham and he opened the first HoneyBaked Ham.  Lots of people sell spiral-cut hams now but you can get the original HoneyBaked Ham at a Michigan retailer or online.

Some Gen X influencers, entertainers, and celebrities celebrating April 15th birthdays include:

Actress Emma Thompson was born in London, England today in 1959. She’s not to be confused with Emma Watson who is celebrating her 34th birthday today but isn’t a Gen Xer.  Thompson  has appeared in movies like Dead Again, Nanny McPhee, Stranger Than Fiction, and the Christmas favorite Love Actually.

Guitarist and song writer, Ed O’Brien was born in England 56 years ago.  O’Brien is the lead guitarist for the band Radiohead.

Actor Luke Evans was born in Wales 45 years ago.  He is known for playing Zeus in Immortals, Aramis in The Three Musketeers and Owen Shaw in the Fast & Furious movies.  Most recently he can be seen in Apple TV’s series Echo 3.

Samantha Fox was born in London in 1966.  Fox was a successful model when she jumped onto the music scene in 1986 with the singles Touch Me (I Want Your Body) and Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me) which went to number 4 and 87 on the Hot 100. respectively.

Comedian/actor Flex Alexander was born in New York City today in 1970.  Alexander landed a role in Juice in 1992.  He’s also known for roles in Snakes on a Plane, and played the role of Michael Jackson in the 2004 biopic Man in the Mirror: The Michael Jackson Story.

Some Generation X music, movies, and TV nostalgia:

The comedy show from Damon & Keenen Ivory Wayans, In Living Color, premiered on FOX today in 1990 after Married With Children.  Characters like Homey the Clown, Fire Marshal Bill, and Men On …  will make us laugh while the Fly Girls show off the latest dance moves between skits.

The song Don’t Speak by No Doubt was released today in 1996.  The song was very popular on the radio maintaining the top spot on Billboard’s radio play chart for 16 weeks but never break onto Billboard’s Hot 100.

The movie Flashdance opened today in 1983.

The album Elegantly Wasted was released by INXS today in 1997. This would be the last album recorded with lead singer Michael Hutchence. It would go to 41 on Billboard’s 200 album chart.

The twisted action-thriller Surviving The Game premiered in US theaters today in 1994.  The movie starred Ice T and Rutger Hauer.

On April 15th, 1989:

  • The song Wild Thing off of Ton-Loc’s,  Loc-ed After Dark – album will propel the singer’s debut rap record to number 1 on Billboar’s 200;
  • A Man Called Hawk, The Golden Girls, and Dolly Parton was hosting Saturday Night Live tonight on TV; and
  • She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals finally reached number one on the Hot 100 after 12 weeks on the chart.