Mar 20: Holly Hunter, Spike Lee, and Ravioli!

Today we are celebrating National Proposal Day, Alien Abduction Day, and National Ravioli Day!

National Proposal Day is that special time of year when couples everywhere gather the courage to pop the big question, or at least practice their surprised faces in the mirror.

Alien Abduction Day serves as a reminder that the universe is vast, mysterious, and filled with endless possibilities — even if some of those possibilities involve being the unwitting star of an intergalactic medical drama.

National Ravioli Day is a delicious celebration to honor the culinary genius who decided to stuff pasta with anything and everything, turning simple dough into a treasure trove of deliciousness.

Some Gen X influencers, entertainers, and celebrities celebrating March 20th birthdays include:

David Thewlis is turning 61.  The British actor known for his performances in films like Naked and Harry Potter.  Thewlis is eclectic, playing serious roles like Duncan in Macbeth to the over the top Frog in Red 2.  Recently he’s gone back to his wizardry ways lending his voice as The Shame Wizard in the Netflix animated series Big Mouth.

Holly Hunter was born today in 1958.    From Broadcast News in the 80s to Saving Grace from 2007-2010,  or Elastigirl in the Incredibles, Hunter has over 60 acting credits on her CV.  I love her playing Ted Danson’s antagonist in NBC’s Mr. Mayor.  The first two seasons of Mr. Mayor is playing now on Amazon Prime Video.

Writer, Director, and Actor Spike Lee was born in Atlanta, Georgia today in 1957.  Lee directed the 80s classics She’s Gotta Have It  and Do the Right Thing then kept on going full speed ahead with amazing films like Malcolm X and Bamboozled.

Michael Rapaport was born in NYC, today in 1970.  Coincidentally, he played Dunwitty in Spike Lee’s Bamboozled.  On television Rappaport’s had recurring roles on Boston Public, Prison Break and the FX series Justified.

A quick journey down memory lane as we recall some of the movies, albums, and television shows on today from the 1980s through the early 2000s.

In 2003, President Bush announced the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom which culminated in the Iraq war.

While traveling on snowy roads heading to a show in Syracuse today in 1990, the tour bus for the Miami Sound machine was involved in a crash that seriously injured Gloria Estefan.

The Whoopie Goldberg comedy Burglar opened in theaters today in 1987.

Sinead O’Connor releases her second album, I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got today in 1990. The single Nothing Compares 2 U, was written by Prince and went to number one on several charts.

The movie Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas opened today in 1992.

The movie Wild Things with  Kevin Bacon, Neve Campbell, and Matt Dillon premiered today in 1998.

On March 20, 1982:

  • TJ Hooker and The Love Boat were on ABC prime time and Robert Urich hosted Saturday night live;
  • The lead guitarist for Ozzy Osborn (Randall Rhodes) and two others died when the plane they were flying in struck a bus and crashed into the mansion where the band was staying; and
  • Joan jet and the Blackhearts I love Rock & Roll hits number on Billboard’s Hot 100 where it will stay for the next 7 weeks.

Alien Abduction Phenomenon – STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW: