Mar 21: Rosie O’Donnell, Andrew Copeland, and California Strawberries!

Today we are celebrating Absolutely Incredible Kids Day, National Common Courtesy Day, Rosie the Riveter Day, and California Strawberry Day!

Originating from the youth development program Camp Fire, Absolutely Incredible Kids Day celebrates the potential and achievements of children worldwide.

National Common Courtesy Day is a gentle reminder to sprinkle a little extra kindness and consideration into our daily interactions.

Rosie the Riveter Day pays homage to the iconic symbol of female empowerment during World War II.

California Strawberry Day – Whether you’re munching on them fresh, blending them into smoothies, or layering them onto shortcake, there’s no wrong way to enjoy California Strawberries.

Some Gen X influencers, entertainers, and celebrities celebrating March 21st birthdays

Deryck Whibley was born in Scarborough Canada today in 1980.  Whibley is the lead singer and songwriter for Sum 41.

Gary Oldman is turning 61 today. He played Sid Vicious in Sid & Nancy and Lee Harvey Oswald in JFK; Dracula, Dr. Smith in the 1998 Lost in Space, Zorg in the 5th Element, and recurring roles as Sirius Black in Harry Potter and police Commissioner Gordon in the Batman-Dark Knight movies.

Rosie O’Donnell was born in Long Island NY today in 1962. O’Donnell co-starred in A League of Their Own, has played herself on shows like Spin City, and most recently can be seen playing Carrie in Showtime’s  reboot of The L Word – Generation Q.

In 1968 Andrew Copeland or just Drew to his friends, family, & Hazel Nut fans was born in Gainesville, Florida.  Drew is the rhythm guitarist and vocalist for Sister Hazel.

Keith “Maxim” Palmer of The Prodigy was born in Peterborough, England and  Jonas Berggren of Ace Of Base was born in Gothenburg, Sweden today in 1967.

Gen X Nostalgia

Today in 2000, The band NSYNC released their third album No Strings Attached.

Liar Liar with Jim Carrey premiered today in 1997.  Liar Liar is showing this month on Starz.

At the 66th academy awards in 1994 – Bruce Springsteen wins an Oscar for his original song Streets of Philadelphia which was featured in the Tom Hanks movie Philadelphia.

On March 21st, 1987 disgraced televangelist, Jim Bakker, resigned from the PTL network after reports that he paid a church secretary $115,000 to keep quiet about a  “sexual encounter” he had while married and The Club Nouveau remake of Lean on Me was number one on the hot 100.  The original by Bill Withers was number one in 1972.