Mar 29: Lucy Lawless, Christopher Lambert, and Pita!

Today we are celebrating National Vietnam War Veterans Day, Mermaid Day, and National Pita Day!

National Vietnam War Veterans Day honors the service and sacrifice of Vietnam War veterans and their families.  Today we recognize the bravery of the 2.7 million Americans who served and acknowledge the challenges they faced upon returning home.

For Mermaid Day we let mermaids splash into our lives to celebrate these legendary sea creatures who’ve fascinated humans for centuries. From ancient folklore to modern-day pop culture, mermaids have swum their way into our imaginations with tales of enchantment and mystery.

National Pita Day is a celebration of pocket bread.  So raise your pitas high and toast to the culinary marvel that turns every meal into a handheld adventure.

Saturday, March 30th is: National Doctor’s Day, National Pencil Day, and Turkey neck soup day.

Sunday, March 31st is: Anesthesia Tech Day, The Christian celebration of Easter, and Clams on the Half Shell Day!

Some Gen X influencers, entertainers, and celebrities celebrating March 29th birthdays include:

Actress Lucy Lawless who was born in New Zealand in 1968.  Lawless is known for her portrayal as Xena – The Warrior Princess.  She’s had recurring roles on other popular shows like: Ash vs Evil Dead, Salem, and Spartacus.  Lawless was in one of the funniest scenes from the movie EuroTrip with Jacob Pitts.

Christopher Lambert is turning 67.  He played Connor MacLeod in the Highlander movies and Lord Raiden in the Mortal Combat movies and video games.  Some of his other well-known works include: Beowulf, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, and Fortress.

Singer, songwriter, and event producer – Perry Farrell was born in 1959.  Farrell, who was previously known as Peretz Berstein, is a founding member of Jane’s Addiction.   Some internet sources refer to Farrell as the godfather of Alternative music.  After the breakup of Jane’s Addiction Farrell started the concert tour Lollapalooza and joined with former bandmate to start the band Porno for Pyros.

Brendan Gleeson is celebrating his 69th trip around the sun.  The Irish actor is best known for playing the wild-eyed professor Moody in the Harry Potter movies.  Gleeson has appeared in over 100 other movies including: Braveheart, Mission Impossible 2, 28 Days Later, and The Guard.

Bobby Kimball – the Toto front-man, was born in 1947.  Kimball joined Toto in the bands early years and provided the vocals for some of their best known songs like Hold The Line, Rosanna, and Africa.

Generation X Nostalgia

In 2005, the band Weezer released the single “Beverly Hills” off of their album “Make Believe”.

The song “A Whole new World” from the Disney movie Aladin won the best original Song Oscar at tonight’s 65th academy awards in 1993.

The movie Panic Room, starring Jared Leto, Jodie Foster, and Forest Whitaker premiered in US theaters in 2002.

The theme to the movie Arthur, sung by Christopher Cross, won the best original song at tonight’s academy awards in 1982.

On March 29th, 1989:

  • Hard Time on Planet earth, Night Court, and My Two Dads were on television;
  • Locals are begging for help cleaning up as oil from the March 24th Exxon Valdez spill makes it’s way to shore affecting the lives of marine animals for miles; and
  • Eternal Flame by The Bangles was number one on the Hot 100.